Ford Transit MK8 – Rear Door External Latch Shield

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Ford Transit MK8- Rear Door External Latch Shield

Upgrade your Ford Transits Security with our External Latch Shield Today!

With a lot of Ford Transit owners now upgrading their vans with DeadlocksHi-Security Drivers Door LocksThrust Pins & Loom guards, a lot of theft can now be prevented. This is good news for the Ford Custom and Transit owners as the once easy driver’s door attacks & Front Door Loom Attacks are becoming less frequent. But the problem has now migrated to direct attacks on the rear doors of the Ford Custom and the Ford Transit Vans.

The Ford Custom and the Ford Transit (MK8) do not have any protection for the latch mechanism located in the rear door. Due to this, the main threat is now a hole being drilled through the door, attacking this vulnerable Latch Mechanism. These attacks have recently spiked and damage is being seen across the whole of the UK.
This External Latch Shield is designed to give protection to the van door. This will prevent the thief from being able to drill through the mechanism and get into the van through the rear door.
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  • Ford Transit Latch Shield
  • Ford Transit Latch Shield

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